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Storm Clouds


SciFi Fantasy Horror Mystery & Thriller

My grandfather used to tell me a story. He said that years ago, back when my dad and uncle were just little tykes, my grandmother, a voracious reader, would regale him and their children with fascinating stories. She'd always hoped to write those stories down, but she never knew how to start. My grandfather said he would help her, but alas, this never happened. She passed away when the boys were young, and I never met her. 

But the love of literature has stayed with me, and that's why I wanted to form Sley House Publishing. Here, we are interested in growing authors, promoting talent, and leaving a positive mark on the industry. We are interested in the pulp story, but we are also interested in stories with a literary bent ... stories that are elevated above the genre to say something important. 

-- the editor

Scary Mansion
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