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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Meet the team.

Scary Building

Our Story

During the pandemic, I began to think about what I would want from a publisher. Brainstorming with my friend Trevor, with whom I always talk books, we talked about everything from what makes for a successful publishing house to what we'd want to see in a podcast. This was to be the beginning of Sley House Publishing. 

Here at Sley House, we like well-written stories, strong, believable characters, and a love of genre. We ask our writers what their fiction has to say about the world we live in. We ask our readers to join us on this incredible journey. We hope you are entertained as we continue to build something totally unique in the world of publishing. 

Meet The Team

Jeremy Billingsley, Editor-in Chief

Jeremy has an MFA and is a published author, having short stories in various literary and genre anthologies. Two novels were previously published by small presses, which helped endear him to the idea of starting his own press. 


Trevor Williamson, Editor/podcast host

Trevor is the host of the flagship Sley House Presents podcast, as well as Books&Badgers. He manages our Sley House family of shows, which also includes the upcoming Sip&Smut.


Katelyn Williamson, podcast host

Trevor's partner in crime is also his cohost on Sley House Presents, and is also the host of Sip&Smut


Lillian Ehrhart, Editor

Lillian has a degree in mathematics and a love of reading. She helps edit our anthologies and works one on one with authors to get their novels ready for publication.

K. A. Hough, Editor

K.A. Hough is a Canadian writer and (very finicky) editor with an Honours BSc. in Human Kinetics. She works with the Sley House editing team on anthologies and novels, and collaborates with authors to polish the final product until it shines.

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