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Northern Lights

Sley House Presents is a podcast offered by Sley House Publishing. Our episodes are dedicated to discussing the best in genre literature, interviewing notable professionals in the field, reviewing movies, producing radio dramas based on your favorite classic and new short stories, and deep dives into your favorite horror topics. Below are a few episodes, or click on a podcast streamer to sample our full catalogue.

Feel free to listen to a few of our episodes here, or click on a link to access our full catalogue on your favorite podcast platform. Want more contact, subscribe to Acast or our Patreon for exclusive episodes.


Here you'll find a list of our sources that have helped inform our podcast

Pilot: Movie Review OLD
00:00 / 27:32
Lit Bits_ Episode 2_ Joe Hill
00:00 / 33:31
KC Griffant UTrain
00:00 / 35:57
26 Ep 26 A Katsu Interview
00:00 / 51:49
50 EP 50 Cina Pelayo Interview
00:00 / 53:45

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