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As a publisher of genre fiction, we are looking for novels and stories that blend genres and styles to deliver tales as surprising and shocking as they are relevant. 

WHAT WE WANT -- Novels and short stories heavily grounded in science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, or thriller, or some blend of genres. Novels and short stories that speak to pulp and/or literary conventions. Well-written stories, strong characters, interesting voices. 

WHAT WE DON'T WANT -- Novels or short stories that promote hate speech, previously published pieces except in RARE cases, first drafts, stories and novels submitted outside our submissions window or fan fiction. (Any submissions submitted outside our window will be deleted unread). 


PODCAST SHORT -- Submissions open March 1st, 2024 - March 10th, 2024. We will be looking for two (2) scripts no more than 30 minutes long each. Chosen scripts will be published in our annual anthology (Tales of Sley House 2024) and will be released on our podcast, Sley House Presents, as full cast performances. Authors whose scripts are chosen will be paid $150 and a percentage of royalties from future audiobook sales. They will also receive a free copy of the anthology and a free digital copy of the audiobook once produced. No submissions will be read outside of the submission window. We've included a sample script to show formatting expectations here.

SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGIES -- SUBMISSIONS closed except for rolling Patreon submissions

PATREON SUBMISSIONS -- SUBMISSIONS open 1st-3rd on listed months

Next open window: May 1st -3rd, 2024

We are opening submissions on a rolling basis to accept stories, poems, and artwork for one of three collections for our subscribers. The criteria for each piece will mirror guidelines for our anthologies. When emailing, please indicate under which category your submission best falls. After being featured on our Patreon, each selected piece will be published in next year's Tales of Sley House 2025. Each piece will be paid $35 and should fall into one of our three collections:

     Sley House Presents: The Southern Gothic -- Think William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Carson McCullers, Cormac McCarthy, Tennessee Williams, Barry Hannah, Ellen Gilchrist, and even Edgar Allan Poe. 

     Sley House Presents: Tales to Terrify -- This will be our home for all things supernatural and horror. Bring us your scariest, dirtiest, bloodiest, and spookiest tales. 

     Sley House Presents: System Solis 2300 -- The year is 2324. Humanity has spread throughout the solar system, but has yet to to reach further. From mining operations on asteroids and gas giants, terraforming Mars and small moons, and exploring the subterranean oceans of bodies like Europa, we are reaching new worlds even as we battle our old foibles. Learn more about this universe here. You can also visit our Patreon here.

 ** Just like our anthologies, genre blending is okay. Stories can be funny or serious. We just want well-written pieces. And there is still a home for fantasies, mysteries, and thrillers as long as they also fall into one of the above categories.



When ready, click the submissions button below. We look forward to reading your work. 

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