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System Solis 2300


The year is 2324. Humanity has spread out through the solar system but have yet to make it further. The stories, poems and artwork reflect the human condition even as we leave the earth behind. 

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Inner Planets

  • Even as orbiting scientists study Venus' atmosphere and contemplate terraforming the alien world, mines on the surface and on Mercury use AI and advanced robotics to harness resources. 

  • Research lab orbiting the sun studies the possibilities of constructing a Dyson Sphere.

  • Pirates from the Midsolar Astroid Belt raid mines and labs flying solar sail ships

  • A solar sail factory and repair garage orbits between Mercury and Venus


  • The lunar surface is home to a waystation for travelers from earth, a port for the space elevators, a training station for pilots and those new to working in space, and a few colonies of humans.

  • Earth, in the middle of a fifth world war, has populations arranged in city states. 

  • Mars has had humans on it for the past three hundred years, nearly, but terraforming has allowed five generations of humans to be born on Mars that have never been to earth. 

  • Asteroid Belt – Asteroid mining / Deep-space radio telescope scanning.

  • Jupiter and Moons – Diamond mining / scientific research

  • Ganymede – terraforming and small settlement, home of the Ganymede Massacre of 2295.

  • Callisto – subterrestrial ocean being explored by scientists who encounter strange life beneath the crust and an advanced, sentient race of beings who’ve watched human expansion.

  • Io – factory siphoning and harnessing Io’s ability to act as an electric generator to help supply power to the ships in the Mid Solar System; also sulfur mining and minerals to aid in construction of ships and supplies for Mid Solar.

  • Europa – This ocean also houses a variety of organisms including a sentient race that has no interest in human interaction, and grows hostile when a human contingent realizes that the Europan ocean could be home to Earth’s leftover aquatic life as a kind of sanctuary to respawn their population.

*Information on this page alludes to technology we're envisioning for this shared world, and our current stories suggest other tech for weapons, travel, and power. But this isn't a comprehensive list. If you feature tech not mentioned here but has a scientific feasibility to it, we're open to expanding our bible. 

Outer Solar

  • Saturn – Orbiting space station docks solar sails, fusion rockets. They are planning a mission to rescue the crew of an experimental Helical ship stranded deep in the Oort Cloud, and they serve as a MidSolar connection point for Kuiper Belt Outpost and Mid Solar planets. Also home to scientists studying Titan’s new form of life.

  • Titan – strange methane-based lifeforms.

  • Uranus – the ice giants atmosphere provides plenty of fuel to power fusion rockets and support terrariums in the area space stations. The icy fluid is home to rudimentary life.

  • Neptune – Triton powers a space station / deep space methane research as fuel.

  • Kuiper Belt – Research on outer shield. MidSolar outpost able to communicate with Mid Solar planets and Oort Cloud labs. Metals extracted from Kuiper Belt asteroids are stronger than anything found on earth. Some posts are assigned to Pluto/Charon Orbit for possible opportunities for terraforming another habitable post.

  • Oort Cloud – Deep Space Telescope and inner cloud labs search extrasolar and study the shield surrounding our star system while working to rescue the crew of HA-2300 (Stranded experimental Helical-engine ship that discovers dark fluid might have sentience). A few extra-solar craft have been spotted but have not been engaged.

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