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Black Echoes

Black Echoes

This supernatural crime thriller by author JB McLaurin will keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Addiction changes people. It’s why Everett Grant robs the biggest drug dealer in town. Everett, the lone survivor of a gun battle that claims six lives, flees town with his son to sober up and start over.

Years later, Everett and his son have a nice life in Florida. Everett has years of sobriety under his belt and owns a restaurant. His son, Hank, plays drums in a rising metal band.

Everything changes when Hank breaks his leg. After months of rehab, he rejoins the band, but the pain is too much. He starts abusing pills so he can perform. During his comeback gig, Hank passes out on stage, leading his bandmates to fire him. Lost, Hank tries heroin.

Heroin changes Hank. After robbing several dealers, he draws the attention of a shadowy enforcer. Rumors about him are the stuff of lore: he has black eyes; scars crisscross his head like snakes; he takes people to the glades and before killing them, he takes mementos.

Everett learns this nameless man is no myth. To save his son, he must confront him.

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