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Black Echoes

Black Echoes

Thirty years ago, Everett Grant took his infant son Hank and fled rural Alabama to forge a better life, leaving behind a long trail of drug abuse and crime.

All is well with their new lives in West Palm until Hank gets badly injured in a car accident. To deal with the pain, he abuses opiates, sliding into full-blown addiction. Hank starts robbing dope houses to feed his habit, putting him in the crosshairs of a sadistic enforcer.

The enforcer’s methods are the stuff of lore. Rumors about his appearance ring of myth: he has night-black eyes under tangles of scars on his head. He takes people out to the Everglades, maims them, remakes them into taxidermied trophies.

The common thread: once he takes you out there, no one sees you again.

Pulled back into the underworld, Everett is on a collision course with this deranged man. Worse, his past is there waiting for him.

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