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The Cartography Door

The Cartography Door

After a failed suicide pact with her father, Sarah is left to pick up the pieces of her fractured ego and memory. The problem is, they're scattered between three planes; the real world, her dreams, and a place in between called 'The Tunnels'.


Stalked relentlessly by an unseen creature and in constant battle with her own fleeting sense of reality, Sarah wanders the tunnels between worlds in search of relief. But as she travels further into the uncharted territories of the surreal, she learns that the beast may have more to do with her incomplete death than she previously understood, even worse, it can travel to places she thought were safe from its grasp.


Through a series of reflective conversations and a string of visceral hallucinations Sarah must unravel the strange story of her own death to reveal the beast's obsession with her life–in doing so, she will learn that even your own shadow has things to hide.

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